Sustainability in Flexible Packaging

Momar Industries understands that sustainability is most significantly employed and maximized when all participants within the supply-chain work to harmonize packaging, products, manufacturing methods, logistics, and product use. Through “The Science of Flexible Packaging,” Momar, our partners, and customers, can reduce the collective carbon-footprint while generating growth opportunities through re-use, recycling, and the application of new packaging designs and materials.

Momar Industries has extensive material science know-how relative to renewable ingredients, environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods, and driving greater supply-chain efficiencies through detailed production and delivery planning that minimizes wasted time, space, transportation, and fuel.

Momar Industries is a pioneer in the utilization of solvent-free adhesive laminating technologies while developing composites that are compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, and produced in such a way that energy is conserved throughout the supply-chain. As a result of our breadth of research and development competencies, Momar is able to provide new products with minimal trials and experimentation for our customers. This too ensures a responsible approach to generating greater sustainability and a reduction of the aggregate carbon foot-print.

Let us help you design a package today that ensures a benefit to our community and sponsors stewardship for our families and society tomorrow.


  • Green converting technologies
  • Environmentally-friendly inks
  • Recyclability
  • Biodegradable materials